Artificial Intelligence Automated Trading Software

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What is an Automated Trading Software?

Automated Trading Software uses machine learning techniques and predictive analytics to process existing trade data and forecast market fluctuations.

So why is it important for you?

The success of a trader depends on the ability to predict the financial climate and foresee risk scenarios. The predictive nature of AI can accurately forecast future trends incredibly fast and with high accuracy.

Unlike humans, AI-powered predictive analytics make fewer mistakes.

The AI-Powered Automated Trading Software uses various resources, including internet articles, commodity prices, industry trends, market fluctuations, etc. to make trading decisions.

Benefits of Automated Trading Software:

Save time by automating and accelerating practical algorithms for trading strategies.

Respond quickly to the market changes and mitigate risks by monitoring them in real-time.

Maximizes potential gain by gathering real-time data about the market trends and simulating risk scenarios.

Automated Tradin Software by BroutonLab


With an increased number of trading algorithms, manual trading is becoming more challenging year on year. Traders want to save time that they spend on manual trading and maximize their financial gains.


Our data scientists developed software for real-time market analysis. We used deep learning, machine learning techniques, and performance computing to create AI-powered Automated Trading Software.

Deep learning can analyze a full trading order log. We developed our own data storage and processing algorithms to store the log data, representing over 200 GB of trading information.

The trader can adjust and automatically optimize the AI-powered indicator.

Key Features

Smart Trading signals. A deep neural network analyzes the complete market information and alerts the trader.

It offers intelligent Trading strategies, optimized for such metrics as equity, max drop-down, Sharpe Ratio.

Its visual interface is easy to use to build custom indicators and trading strategies.

OHLCV+ extended trading statistics. Including Order Book, Order Count Book, Open Interest, Executed Volume, Order Count. Statistics are aggregated by levels.

The Automated Trading Software is implemented and optimized in CC+ and has its own data storage format. It does not need deserialization of bars and dynamic structures, such as the Orderbook.

Other Features

Our Automated Trading Software has a scalable architecture. It’s easy to add new connectors for other exchanges

User-friendly graphical terminal for manual trading

Advanced strategy optimization software

API for software developers (Python/C++)

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