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What is Computer Vision and How it Helps Businesses Succeed

BroutonLab is a data science company with top-level expertise in AI software development. Our data scientists use various deep learning, machine learning, and computer vision techniques to solve real business problems.

We create computer vision software that help you achieve your objectives. Whether you need to prevent cost overruns, increase profits, or overcome operational bottlenecks.

What is Computer

Computer vision applications in software development are capturing attention from various sectors.

How it works?

Algorithms of computer vision aim at replicating humans’ ability to see and process visual information using artificial intelligence.

Computer vision technology enables machines to process the visual content (photos, videos, etc.). They analyze it and create an appropriate output.

Deep Learning in Computer Vision

The iterative learning process of neural networks makes it possible to recognize and classify images. With each training cycle, the high-level algorithms of neural networks become more accurate. They can detect objects, perform segmentation, and solve other problems. Convolutional neural networks learn to make decisions based on the visual data.

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