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BroutonLab provides highly experienced engineers specialized in different aspects of data science. We aim to create transparent strong relationships with our partners and provide dedicated employees. Our team covers the full AI development life cycle and all of our expertise is concentrated around development of Artificial Intelligent systems.

Artificial intelligence development
Optimization and integration of standalone AI in the your products
Model optimization for mobile and IoT devices
AI deployment on the backend of your site

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Russian Federation

For the enterprise

Result oriented and flexible team, using cutting edge technologies we create scale adjustable artificial intelligence software to automate, optimize and improve your company's workflow by introducing data science, analytics and automated learning concepts to your daily tasks. We provide a dedicated team and manager for big projects.

For startups

Paying for a full time AI expert can be expensive, especially when you operate a small business or if you are just starting, so just pay per task, not for full time developer and save your money. You set your budget and timeline and we can create a milestone list for your project so you only pay for results. Our key is to create an outstanding product for you and with you. Focused on innovation to reduce costs, using open source technologies and our own toolset we create a high quality product that combines performance, functionality and low cost.

Historically we started to find our first clients via Upwork. Within less than a year we became top rated agency, available at our current profile.

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Artificial intelligence
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AI Development

Our company more than 30 years of combined experience in software engineering. We employ expert data scientists to develop artificial intelligence solutions with user interfaces designed to be intuitive, learnable and consistent. We use state-of-the-art computing power from CPUs and GPUs to NPUs in order to accomplish tasks in minutes versus months. Our AI solutions are developed to run from the cloud to the edge and can scale using hardware accelerators such as Neural Processor Units or custom hardware solutions.

Data Analytics

Data driven decision making is crucial for organizations, therefore collecting and analyzing your business data is crucial to optimize profit and product quality. Implementing it into you business model can help reduce costs by identifying more efficient ways of doing business and by storing large amounts of data.


The goal is to improve your business through artificial intelligence, by defining an AI strategy based on your company's processes you want to improve. An important part of our service is to show the capabilities of the AI applied in the right conditions and help you to find the right talent. On our side we count on both experienced and enthusiast data scientists to boost your experience in areas like risk management, careers, products or services recommendations and parameters forecasting. We provide your company a valuable list of common features and practices you can make use of, finally defining your AI strategy and helping you going through it.