BroutonLab is recognized by Techreviewer as a Top Machine Learning company in 2021

BroutonLab is recognized by Techreviewer as a  Top Machine Learning company in 2021

BroutonLab has been named one of the top machine learning companies by - The list of leaders was compiled based on expertise, experience, quality of services, and reliability of the development companies. To make an assessment Techreviewer collected information about our services and client’s reviews. Their research placed us in the list of top machine learning companies out of over 500 competitors.

Techreviewer conducts annual research and regularly updates market leader lists. Analysts' findings help those who are looking for service providers of complex technical tasks.

The ranking of machine learning firms was performance-based, and intended to showcase best companies that proved their value in the market by delivering key aspects of a ML service, ultimately transforming their client’s digital presence.

BroutonLab is known to be headquartered in Russia, Rostov-on-Don. The company started its work 4 years ago - in 2017, and now specializes in data science solutions increase production output, enhance customer service, streamline marketing efforts, and reduce costs of dealing with human mistakes.

BroutonLab is a reliable service provider of high-class ML development services and business solutions for companies of any industry. Possessing deep practical knowledge in various fields, the company helps its clients to solve their business challenges as soon as possible, while maintaining high quality and efficiency.


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Michael Yurushkin

Founder of BroutonLab, PhD