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  • We help start-ups, investors, and programmers solve real business problems, reduce time to market, and optimize processes.

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Measurable value

Get measurable value at each step

  • We work by quick, week-long sprints.

  • Results of each sprint are measurable and you do not have to wait extra time to test them.

  • If you want, you can keep iterating with us to improve the accuracy to the level you need.

Success Stories

Go from Idea to Prototype

30 Hour Project Example

MRI tumor segmentation


Radiologists read many medical images each day and occasionally misread them. Your team would like to provide doctors and radiologists help with a secondary automated MRI analysis. Your goal is to create a model that can identify tumors on MRIs quickly and precisely to provide improved diagnostic results.


We will need a dataset of MRIs with tumor regions labeled by doctors.


In 30 hours, we can create a model with significant accuracy that can find and identify tumors in medical imagery. The model can then be fine tuned over time and with additional data to achieve your desired level of accuracy.

From idea to prototype
Maximazing potential for mobile app

20 Hour Project Example

Maximize Customer Lifetime Value For A Mobile App


You have several subscription options for your new mobile app and you would like to recommend the best option for each customer to maximize potential revenue and customer lifetime values. You have been running a/b tests and collecting customer data to help understand customer preferences.


We will need the customer data obtained during your tests for different subscription options.


In 20 hours, we can provide critical information about your customers' lifetime value and churn rates, and create a model of monthly and annual recurring revenue.

One-click integration with software

One-click Integration With Your Software

Save your developers time by working with us

  • We will prepare a production - ready docker container with a REST API or an SDK to embed in your mobile app.

  • Your developers will easily deploy our model and integrate it with your app.

Problems solved with AI

License Plate Number Recognition

We propose a robust ALPR system implemented in the form of a pipeline solving the problem.

The pipeline comprises:

  • vehicle detection.

  • vehicle plate number location recognition.

  • plate number optical characters recognition.

To improve the quality of the pipeline, an object tracker has been embedded into the system. State-of-the-art neural network approaches has been used for all parts of our pipeline. Moreover, the proposed solution outperforms other methods on the OpenALPR benchmark.

Licence plate number recognition

Yoda Voice Generator


We propose a novel approach to the end-to-end text-to-speech (TTS) generation with some custom voice style.

Audio generation with constant voice

For this step we use a pretrained FastSpeech model for the mel-spectrogram generation and a pretrained MelGan model for translation of this mel-spectrogram to voice audio.

Audio transferring to target voice style.

We perform audio style transfer based on the MelGan architecture. We collect target voice audio samples and train the transfer network to change the voice style of the recording to desired voice style. Each voice requires a unique transfer training.

Voice generator



Customer reviews

Clarence Lee

Digital Marketing Professor at Cornell

Michael's developers are amazingly capable and precise -- they helped me translate my code for a hierarchical Bayesian model MCMC estimation routine from R/C++ into CUDA, which helped me speed up the computation by 2 orders of magnitude due to the fact now I was able to parallelize the code onto high-power nVidia GPU's.

Hunter Hawley

CEO and Founder of Blueprint Stats, Indiana

BroutonLab team helped me automate our workflow with their AI development skills, and it sped up the rate at which we process our customers’ requests. Getting started with them was easy, and the results were outstanding!

Adrian Mihai

CTO and Co-Founder of Opening, Dublin. Acquired by iCIMS

I am more than happy to have interacted with Mikhail. Besides his amazing personality he has lots of patience and does his best at managing timelines. It's with utmost delight I'll recommend him now - an extremely trust-worthy and talented engineer with a treasure trove of experience and ethic. 5/5

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