Add intelligence to your business

BroutonLab gets you the power of data science.
We solve problems through artificial intelligence techniques, data analytics, neural networks,
computer vision, natural language processing, creating software solutions for a better tomorrow.

Automated Trading Platform
Data science powered out AI trader for market analysis and indicator based rules trade automation using deep learning.
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Plate Number Recognition
Real time traffic monitoring with trained neural networks and computer vision to recognize plate numbers with support for regional standards
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Face Recognition
Data science applied to computer vision with deep learning used to solve the face detection, recognition and spoofing as independent tasks
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Our team

We perform our own research in data science, natural language processing, automated trading for brokers, computer vision and neural networks apliances. BroutonLab is supported by the biggest universities of the country. Most of our members have Masters Degree or PhD in data science, they also do public lecturing in the field of deep learning, to show its applicattions in different areas.
BroutonLab Michael Yurushkin
Michael Yurushkin
CTO & Founder
Michael holds PhD in applied mathematics and computer science. His field of expertise lays out in Deep Learning, specifically its application in Computer Vision, NLP, Reinfocement Learning. Senior lecturer at SFEDU. Technical reviewer of books on Deep Learning, Reinforcement Learning.
BroutonLab Lev Gervich
Lev Gervich
Senior Data Engineer
Lev is Ph.D. candidate at SFEDU. He has master's degree in high-performance computing and technologies of parallel computing. His area of expertise lays out in the deployment of deep learning and machine learning services and development of high-performance C++ applications. He has rich experience in using various languages and technologies.
BroutonLab Yuriy Turchin
Yuriy Turchin
Senior Data Scientist
Yuriy holds Master degree of Computer Science. He has 5 years of experience in Computer Vision and Deep Learning. His is specialized in full model development lifecycle including selection of optimal model, requirements preparison, model training and tuning.
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BroutonLab customer Baloota Applications Ltd

Alik Hochner, Co-Founder & CEO at Baloota Applications Ltd

Tel Aviv, Israel.

Company specialized in the development of products for Android.

BroutonLab customer Copreso

Alexander Kiselev, CEO at Copreso

Prague, Czech Republic

The company saves time and maximizes the impact of digital assets with Algorithm-Driven Design

BroutonLab customer Opening

Adrian Mihai, Co-Founder & CTO at Opening HR Limited

Dublin, Ireland.

Company applies data science at the very beginning of the recruitment funnel telling you exactly who to talk to first and why.


BroutonLab Michael Yurushkin
Michael's developers are amazingly capable and precise -- they helped me translate my code for a hierarchical Bayesian model MCMC estimation routine from R/C++ into CUDA, which helped me speed up the computation by 2 orders of magnitude due to the fact now I was able to parallelize the code onto high-power nVidia GPU's.
BroutonLab Michael Yurushkin
Awesome developer. With his deep knowledge of the machine learning and neural networks methods including hottest latest achievements he made a very good working classification model.