Hi, my name is Mikhail Yurushkin, founder of BroutonLab. While ago it struck me an interesting thing. Many public persons talk about the advantages of neural networks. Everything looks easy. What you need to do is to clone the pre-trained neural network from GitHub and finetune it on your data. But almost nobody talks about arising problems. As a result, the hype around AI obscures people. They spend money on ... learn more
Dmitriy (one of our teammates) has won the scientific competition "Week of Science 2019" held by the Institute of Mathematics, Mechanics and Computer Science, SFeDU. His research work is dedicated to solving the Sky Segmentation problem. Here is an example of his algorithm's output: Dmitriy has successfully applied his knowledge in Deep Learning and Computer Vision to solve this problem. His algorithm successfully processes photos with trees, buildings and small ... learn more
A common problem in Computer Vision is the face detection, which can of course, get solved by many approaches such as Machine Learning or Deep Learning. This time we will use one of the simplest technical approaches available to provide a quick start for those who begin to study computer vision. Haar Cascades Classifiers Introduced by Paul Viola and Michael Jones is a Machine Learning based approach, which means we ... learn more
Since the 3d week of February BroutonLab has started new course on Deep Learning. The lecturing will be performed on the Faculty of Mathematics, Mechanics and Computer Science of SFEDU (Southern Federal University, Russia). The aim of the course is a delivering of practical skills in Deep Learning. All materials of this course (lectures and practical lessons) will be published in our github repository During the near 3 months we ... learn more
Today we’ll create a very simple neural network in Python, using Keras and Tensorflow to understand their behavior. We’ll implement an XOR logic gate and we’ll see the advantages of the automated learning to the traditional programming. In our daily life there are problems we know the logic steps to solve that we can describe in any programming language, but what happens when you don’t know the steps but instead ... learn more