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Computer vision demos and use cases

At BroutonLab, our goal is to bring the power AI to solve real business problems. We understand how important it is to test run AI models.

So we built several AI models that allow you to explore how they can suit your specific needs. Try our facial recognition, license plate recognition, or a food recognition model to learn more.

Food Recognition


Try our face mask detection demo that can detect people with and without a face mask in real-time using computer vision.

Food Recognition

License Plate / Vehicle Recognition

Try our automatic license plate and vehicle recognition model in action.

Food Recognition

Fashion Tagging Demo

Try the fashion tagging demo now. Upload an image of an outfit and see how intelligent tagging recognizes every style element.

Food Recognition

Food Recognition

If you are working on any food-centric app, food recognition is a must-have to increase app downloads and boost user reviews.

Food Recognition

Parking Monitoring System

We use Computer Vision to monitor parking areas and help you manage your inventory in real-time.

Food Recognition

Legal Documents Analysis with NLP

Choose a document below and watch how the NLP-powered model analyses it. NLP can process documents much faster and with higher accuracy than humans.

What Is an AI Model?

An AI model is a mathematical algorithm that processes input and converts it to predictions. A model aims to replicate a human expert's decision process based on the available data.

How to Train AI Models?

Models are trained to recognize a unique set of data inputs. They include concepts, colors, and faces. Pre-trained models can predict the type of object, dominant colors. For example, if you run an input through the "face recognition" model, it will convert the data to concepts that the "facial recognition" model knows.

An AI model, trained on a given dataset, is the result of the learning process, and some algorithms are better at dealing with certain types of problems than the others. Many various AI algorithms are applied in different areas of AI modeling. They include linear regression, logistic regression, linear discriminant analysis, decision trees, and others.

Why Choose Custom AI Models?

There is no "one-size-fits-all" solution when it comes to artificial intelligence. Open-source models have many limitations as they are not trained with the relevant data, features, and real-world details. We create a wide variety of custom models to solve each business problem by adapting to particular situations, environments, and users.

At BroutonLab, we offer a variety of pre-trained models that you can use. Our models are built by our data scientists in-house and have been tried and tested thoroughly, so try them out to see if they fit your business needs.

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