OCR Cheque Scanner for a Banking App

computer vision


An international bank. They were working on a technology to simplify and automate cheque transactions for their customers and enhance their banking app.


The client tried several solutions, including Open-Source Software. It could not deliver accurate results and precisely scan handwritten numbers.

They approached Broutonlab Data Science Consulting to develop a model for scanning handwritten cheques.


Automated reading and verification of cheques to save costs and increase workforce efficiency.

Data Scientists at BroutonLab trained a neural network to process the input in the form of an image and return it as numbers. We developed a highly precise analyzer with an accuracy rate of 99%.

It is an end2end data-driven solution, which doesn’t contain any algorithmic heuristics and rules.

As the number of labeled images increases, the engine becomes more precise. The bank can continue enhancing the accuracy of the model with no prior knowledge of deep learning or programming.

How does data science work?

Here is how our data scientists make data science work for you:
  • We identify your business needs, goals, and data problems you are currently facing.

  • We decide on the suitable variables and datasets for the problem.

  • We identify data collection sources and start gathering data.

  • We ensure data uniformity and accuracy by cleaning and validating your data.

  • We build machine learning algorithms and models to organize, analyze, and identify patterns in the data.

  • We continue testing, optimizing, and streamlining the data process.

How is data science used in business?

Data science can improve many business areas, help save money, time, grow revenues and market share. For example, you can use your data science to measure productivity, predict demand and market trends, analyze customers' sentiment, optimize marketing spent, and much more. The goal of data science is to improve your business performance by automating processes and optimizing your operations. Without automation and machine learning, it is impossible to analyze and get answers from large volumes of data that nearly every business generates.

How are the projects priced?

We have a simple pricing model allowing you to scale up or down according to your business needs. The cost of the project, team size, number of hours will depend on your projects' complexity and the results you are looking for. We can start from as little as one week to develop a basic model and continue improving the model's accuracy till your goals are met. Learn more about how we work.

What makes BroutonLab different from the competition?

Unlike many data science companies, we are not a group of freelancers scattered around the globe. Our data science team is based full-time in our office. Most of our data scientists have Ph.D. or master's degrees, participate in research and development, and read lectures in the prestigious educational institution. We worked with 20+ international customers and developed high-accuracy models for various industries and use cases. Our solid background in machine learning and computer vision allows us to deliver the most complex AI projects to support business growth.

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