Try Intelligent Parking Monitoring System in Action

Watch our system identify available parking spots. We use Computer Vision to monitor parking areas and help you manage your inventory in real-time. Drivers can quickly locate empty spots using a mobile app without driving around for hours. Save time, money and grow revenue with Smart Parking solutions

Why Use Intelligent Parking Monitoring Systems?

Facility Management

An intelligent parking system installed in your surveillance cameras can detect vehicles in real-time when they enter or leave your parking facility. This way, AI-powered algorithms offer drivers a real-time overview of available parking spots. ML algorithms help predict trends and vehicle surges. So facility managers use intelligent parking systems to grow parking facility revenues by increasing efficiency, optimizing capacity, and maximizing parking occupancy.


At BroutonLab Data Science Consulting, we know that parking is usually the start and the end of the shopping experience. So making the right first impression can help retailers gain customers' loyalty and increase revenues. Machine learning allows retailers to avoid customers' frustrations caused by traffic jams in the parking. Our intelligent parking system is scalable and can be installed on any site. It helps efficiently manage traffic flow, eliminate bottlenecks, and create a smooth parking experience for retail customers.

Transportation Hubs (Airports, Train Stations)

Airport and train station parking can be a nightmare for drivers, especially when they are in a rush. While parking fees are one of the critical sources of revenue for airports, not many of them are equipped with intelligent parking management systems. Machine learning and artificial intelligence help combat heavy traffic congestions in airport and train station parking, increase revenues, and customer satisfaction. By seeing a real-time parking availability, drivers will save time and avoid driving in circles to find available spots.

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