Automated Licence Plate Number Recognition Software

ALPR Licence Plate Recognition Software

For The Most Challenging Conditions

Plate number recognition software used in surveillance systems captures license plates on vehicles, whether moving or still. It records the numbers in real-time regardless of the car's average speed and over longer distances, which is impossible for a human eye, especially when the vehicle moves fast.

ALPR based on Machine Learning algorithms and Optical Character Recognition achieves over 99% accuracy rate with state-of-the-art neural networks.

The software can adapt to specific conditions, such a camera types, CPU, lighting, etc. It can read different ty pes of number plates regardless of fonts (Latin and non-Latin).

Benefits of Licence Plate Recognition Software for Business:

Reduction of costs through automation of manual work. ALPR records numbers in real-time and offers smooth access to restricted territories for designated vehicles. It assists with traffic management, enhances video surveillance systems. Intelligent transportation systems use ALPR to manage logistics and deliveries effectively.

Collection and analysis of valuable data. Large businesses and law enforcement agencies can get more insights into the community as a whole. It is easier for officers on patrol to be alerted about potential suspects thanks to the LPR collecting data over time.

Increased ROI on marketing efforts. Media content becomes more Correctness targeted and personalized when it is associated with the vehicle's owner's demographic profile. Marketers can define a local audience's demographic profile based on the information gathered by LPR during a specific period.

Number Plate Recognition Software by BroutonLab that works in the most challenging conditions.

Key Features

Real-time traffic analysis

Detection and classification of vehicles by type

Accurate reading of license plate numbers

Support of various regional standards of license plates

Capability to aggregate, store, and monitor data from 1000+ cameras.

The neural network, trained in Tensorflow, detects vehicles, plate numbers, and letters with digits.

Our models are integrated into an optimized, multithreaded C++ agent. It communicates with the server via GRPC protocol. The cross-platform works on Windows, Mac, and Linux. It collects, stores, and monitors data from various camera types.

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