AI & Data Science Success Stories

Automated Sports Fan Video Generation with Facial Recognition

Video-based facial recognition solution to generate montages of individual fans enjoying the match


cost saved on manual work

20 pcs

acquisition of new contracts with TV channels


reduced time to process videos from 3 hours to 30 minutes

AI for Resume Parsing and Job Matching

Natural Language Processing parsing software to achieve high accuracy of an ATS


of their customers are Fortune 100


acquired by a large U.S. investor


growth in market share

Explicit Content Detection Model

Real-time image recognition for an Android app


increase in revenue


increase in App Downloads

OCR Cheque Scanner for a Banking App

Computer vision and deep neural networkto scan handwritten bank cheques


less cost of manual work


increase in App Downloads


reduced time and money for cheques processing

Multi-Speaker Text-to-Speech Model for an AR/VR Startup

Developed a Text-to-Speech model to help a startup clone voices for their 3D avatars.

2 pcs

different models choose based on the use case


delivered within time and budget constraints

Automated Monitoring of Solar Panels with Computer Vision

Built a Computer Vision engine to detect anomalies (darker or lighter spots) in thermal photos of solar batteries.


reduced downtime of solar panels


saved on repair costs with a proactive maintenance strategy

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