Why Choose BroutonLab Data Science Solutions?

If you are an entrepreneur or a small organization with a limited budget, we offer you GPU-accelerated computing to process large data sets. Find data-driven solutions for business automation, customer retention, streamlining your sales process, and increasing your bottom line.

Get Measurable ROI on Artificial Intelligence

Why entrepreneurs and small businesses chose Broutonlab to outsource their Data Science projects?

Ph.D. -awarded Data Science Consultants based full-time in our office in Rostov-on-Don. Our team is ready to deliver your AI and data science projects with high accuracy, personalization, and quick turnaround, saving you time and costs.

Solid background in machine learning and computer vision, starting from scientific research to implementation. We delivered multiple AI software projects that supported business growth strategy. Our clients increase revenues, boost conversion rates, and transform their products or service with our data-driven solutions.

Our team

BroutonLab Michael Yurushkin
CTO & Founder

Michael Yurushkin


PhD in applied mathematics and computer science.

Expert in

Deep Learning, specifically its application in Computer Vision NLP Reinforcement Learning

Academic activities

Senior lecturer at SFEDU. Technical reviewer of books on Deep Learning, Reinforcement Learning.

BroutonLab Lev Gervich
Senior Data Engineer

Lev Gervich


PhD candidate at SFEDU Master's degree in high-performance computing and technologies of parallel computing.

Expert in

Deployment of deep learning and machine learning projects Development of high-performance C++ applications Extensive experience using various languages and technologies

BroutonLab Yuriy Turchin
Senior Data Scientist

Yuriy Turchin


Masters degree in Computer Science

Expert in

Computer Vision and Deep Learning with 5+ years of experience. Full model development lifecycle: selection of optimal model, preparation of requirements, training and fine-tuning models.

BroutonLab Anna Berger
Senior Data Scientist

Anna Berger


PhD fellow at SFedU with mathematical and computer science backgrounds. BSc in Applied Mathematics. MSc in Computer Science.

Expert in

Building AI pipelines for images, videos, and texts (CV, NLP)using deep learning and classical machine learning techniques.

Academic activities

Research in extreme multi-label classification, optimization in high-dimensional settings.


We use Data Science and AI to improve the efficiency of the business. Our data science solutions increase production output, enhance customer service, streamline marketing efforts, and reduce costs of dealing with human mistakes. We create Artificial Intelligence software that helps tackle overheads and drive sales.


Data Scientists

We design data modeling processes, create predictive models and algorithms to extract the data you need. So you identify the most effective way to grow your business.

Data Architects

We build and implement large scale computer database systems for small and medium businesses to help expand your business.

Data Analysts

We communicate trends, patterns, and predictions from your data that offer valuable insights on revenue growth and cost reduction opportunities.

Data Science Engineers

We create big data pipelines to deliver end-to-end solutions to business problems.

Customer reviews


Clarence Lee

Digital Marketing Professor at Cornell, USA

Michael's developers are amazingly capable and precise -- they helped me translate my code for a hierarchical Bayesian model MCMC estimation routine from R/C++ into CUDA, which helped me speed up the computation by 2 orders of magnitude due to the fact now I was able to parallelize the code onto high-power nVidia GPU's.


Alexander Kiselev

CEO at Copreso, Prague, Czech Republic

Awesome developer. With his deep knowledge of the machine learning and neural networks methods including hottest latest achievements he made a very good working classification model.


Adrian Mihai

CTO and Co-Founder of Opening, Dublin

I am more than happy to have interacted with Mikhail. Besides his amazing personality he has lots of patience and does his best at managing timelines. It's with utmost delight I'll recommend him now - an extremely trust-worthy and talented engineer with a treasure trove of experience and ethic. 5/5


Balamurali Pandranki

CEO at Conscious AI, India

Mikhail and his team delivered good work on this Tensorflow development project and I enjoyed working with him. His communication was top-notch, he met all deadlines, and his skills were reasonably strong. At one point I asked for an additional milestone and he was very forthcoming that the additional work was outside his area of expertise. They helped me find additional freelancers to support the work. I enjoyed working with Mikhail, Lev & his team and will likely have additional jobs for them in the future.

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